At the moment, I’m trying to get back in to working. I hope my time of hospitals and surgeries is done. But finding a new job is a hard process. Nothing annoys me more than people saying, if you really wanted it, you would have found a job by now. I have been starting to notice a lot of things are all about perspective.

Honesty is key. I am (too?) honest. Refusing to hide my accident, refusing to lie on my resume about my time after the accident. Even tho this was asked of me to do. I consider this stupid. If people Google my name, they will find my accident in the paper, they will find the truth. So I am sticking to my way, which has always been the truth!

There is the negative side. What if she can’t handle work? What if she needs more surgery, and I am left with no employee? What if…. is the mother of all anxiety. Because I also sometimes think what if….. It’s easy to fall in to the negative. It is always there. Read a newspaper. Start your day on your Facebook timeline. Unless you follow positive quotes and pages, a lot of it is negative.

We need to break free of that.

Now how about the positive side? I have fought my way out of my wheelchair. I have fought my way through about seven surgeries, rehabilitation’s, many types of physical therapies and more. Furthermore, I needed to fight for my own health when I wasn’t believed something was wrong. I lost just about everything in the process, and still I didn’t give up. I am making a new life for myself, with new and better love. With accepting my new scars. With something as simple as a spur of the moment act, a tiny tattoo.

I am a fighter, I work hard to get where I want to be. I am a go-getter and I will find someone who sees that. Other than family and friends who have seen the fight. I wish I was as good with written words as I am with a conversation. Then people would see my spirit in my resume/ motivation letters. And I don’t always see it myself. But then I have loved ones who remind me. So I am now reminding you.

Seeing is a choice. See the risk or see the fighter. See the negative or see the positive. Fight!

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